The most anticipated, unique, and innovative community service activity.

The concept is that we collect things that we don’t have a need any more from each of our houses and which are in very good condition, get them together and “SELL” them to orphanage kids. A very colorful set up was created with several stalls in the white house and was decked in bright colors and these stalls were set up with items to be sold. The stalls ranged from toys, books, games, clothes, and various other things to choose from, and all the stalls were manned by Twinklers (Children of tablers)

The idea is to give the orphanage kids the experience of shopping and to give the kids an experience they will never forget. We had fake money that was printed for the flea market and distributed to the kids. With this money, they could buy anything from the displayed stalls giving them a shopping experience. 

Once,   they had the money in their hand, they were so thrilled and excited that they went on a shopping spree “buying” anything they wanted. They were so happy that they had a variety of things to choose from Most of the kids finished their bag of money and asked for more. It was the happiness on their faces that is priceless.  The stalls “sold out “ within minutes and the twinklers were thrilled with how much “money” they made from the sales (haha ). The kids were so ecstatic that some of them dint wait to go home to play with their new possessions and started playing with whatever they bought at the venue itself.

 The kids were beaming with joy over what they had bought. It had made them smile and that’s what counts at the end of the day.